Spacecode Box

Spacecode Box for RFID Inventory Management
The Spacecode Box is a smart and secure RFID asset tracking and storage system for healthcare enables.

Intelligent asset management with biometric access facilitates item-specific tracking and real-time inventory control.

‘Pick to light’ technology locates items instantly. 

Technology description

The Spacecode Box is a compact RFID device used for storage, monitoring and track-and-trace of high-value medical devices and medication.
It facilitates the 
inventory management process of receiving items and then monitors and validates their presence in real-time.

The Spacecode RFID/LED ‘pick to light’ tag feature offers instant identification of a specific item or items inside the device and protects against oversights. Users can find the exact device or item that they are looking for, at the exact moment it is required, contributing to patient care and safety. Multiple items can be placed on the Spacecode Pad and the LED ‘pick to light’ feature indicates the specific item being sought.

The Spacecode Box can only be opened by authorized personnel via biometric access and constantly records exactly who accessed the device, 
when it was accessed, what was put in or removed and where the transaction occurred. Alerts are also created to inform management when any
items are removed from the 
Spacecode Box.