Spacecode Freezer

Spacecode Freezer for RFID Inventory Management
The Spacecode Freezer is an intelligent RFID storage and inventory management solution for blood-related items, such as plasma.

Constant track-and-trace of items with robust traceability for optimal patient care. Automated real-time inventory.

Find required items immediately with ‘pick to light’ technology. 

Technology description

The Spacecode Freezer (V5530) is an innovative RFID inventory management and storage system for blood-related products that need to be maintained,
and stored in a temperature stable environment on a continuous basis. The freezer includes automated tracking of items from distribution to
usage and stores critical 
safety information such as patient`s blood type and product information.

The revolutionary LED “pick to light” tag enables instant identification of the exact item required in the freezer, saving precious time on manual searches and protecting against manual errors. The freezer can only be opened by authorized personnel via RFID access control and constantly records exactly who accessed it, when it was accessed, what was put in or taken out and where the transaction occurred. If a product is not used and returned, there is an automated recording of how long it was out of the freezer.

The Spacecode Freezer facilitates efficient workflows, maximizes inventory control and monitoring with real-time product visibility while optimizing 
patient care.