South African National Blood Service (SANBS) approves safety of Spacecode’s RFID for Blood product

Press Release, June 15, 2016, Geneva: In a significant healthcare development, the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) has approved Spacecode’s RFID technology with blood and blood products for human use.

The SANBS conducted a study with control and test groups to determine the safety of Spacecode’s anti-collision RFID with blood and blood products, as well as the efficacy in accuracy and reliability of continuously detecting 100 per cent of units. Under strictly controlled testing, the SANBS found no clinically significant deleterious effects on the blood products tested.

Commenting on the SANBS approval, Dr Craig Cook, Spacecode’s co-founder and healthcare advisor, noted that the use of LF with blood and blood products has traditionally been reserved for single-item tracking due to the technology’s perceived limited ability to scan multiple units simultaneously. But with SpaceCode technology “our anti-collision LF technology has changed the game because our system scans hundreds and thousands of items simultaneously, with 100% accuracy and reliability. The SANBS evaluated the biological, cellular and temperature effects of prolonged and continuous exposure of blood and blood products to LF RFID far in excess of any maximum typical exposure and use case scenario. They have given us a green light to deploy our RFID system in all sorts of blood applications. Gone are the days of inventory and supply chain inefficiency, stock shortages, errors in sample collection, ‘lost’ blood—you name it, our system delivers the kind of safety and efficacy that the healthcare industry needs.”

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