Spacecode Cabinet - V3370.3D

Spacecode Cabinet – 3D for RFID Inventory Management
The Spacecode Cabinet (V3370.3D) is an innovative storage and management system for the track-and-trace of high-value medical devices in cardiac, radiology and surgical departments.

The built-in RFID technology with 3D scanning allows the reading of randomly placed tagged items. Find required items immediately with ‘pick to light’ technology. 

Technology description

The Spacecode Cabinet (V3370.3D) is an innovative solution for tracking high-value medical devices for cardiac, radiology and surgical departments. With four double-depth storage compartments, the Spacecode Cabinet automatically tracks every device from the point of distribution to the point of implant. As soon as a clinical procedure is “closed” the invoicing and refurbishment process can be fully automated and paperless – for the hospital and the supplier.

Only authorized users can access the cabinet electronically via an ID card or biometric fingerprint. Specific items can be instantly identified using the revolutionary LED “pick to light” tag feature that lights up the exact item required, at the exact moment it is needed.

The Spacecode Cabinet results in more effective workflows, maximizes inventory control, optimizes patient care and lowers costs while recording exactly who accessed it, when it was accessed, what was put in or taken out, and where the transaction occurred.