Spacecode Fridge - V4300

Spacecode Fridge for RFID Inventory Management
The Spacecode Fridge (V4300) is a compact high-performance RFID refrigerator that offers robust traceability of blood products.

Track-and-trace of blood bags with detailed information to ensure optimized patient care and maximize inventory control. 

Find required items immediately using ‘pick to light’ technology.

Technology description

The Spacecode Fridge (V4300) is a compact RFID inventory management and storage system for blood banks to store and track blood bags that
need to be 
maintained, checked and located constantly. The device stops wastage of donated blood and guarantees blood transfusion safety.

The ‘pick to light’ tag instantly identifies the exact location of a bag inside the refrigerator when it is required for a surgical procedure or transfusion, saving precious time on manual searches and protecting against oversights, removal of incorrect bags and potential delivery to the wrong patient. Each tag records critical safety information including the blood type, donation number and expiration date, as well as the blood bag`s storage temperature and time in/out. When unused blood is returned to the refrigerator, it automatically records the length of time the bag was outside.

The Spacecode Fridge can only be accessed by authorized personnel via RFID access control and constantly records exactly who accessed it,
when it was 
accessed, what bag was added or removed, and where the transaction occurred.