Spacecode Fridge - V4468

Spacecode Fridge for RFID Inventory Management
The Spacecode Fridge (V4468) brings state of art RFID track-and-trace technology to the pharmacy & laboratory environment.

Powerful RFID technology facilitates stringent inventory controls and maximizes patient care.

Find required items immediately using ‘pick to light’ technology. 

Technology description

The Spacecode Fridge (V4468) for pharmaceutical and laboratory facilities offers full RFID track-and-trace of stored pharmaceutical products.
The unique RFID 
refrigerator storage and management system facilitates full product visibility and stringent inventory management while maintaining
safety in the controlled and 
secure environment as required in cold storage applications.

The revolutionary LED “pick to light” tag feature instantly identifies the exact location of the items, saving precious time on manual searches, protects against oversights and maximizes patient care.

Authorized users access the Spacecode Fridge with an ID card or biometric fingerprint access which constantly records exactly who accessed the device, 
when it was accessed, what was put in or taken out, and where the transaction occurred.